Lightweight, powerful
and easy to use
PHP debugger for the Mac

Codebug is a standalone Xdebug client frontend for Mac OSX.
It allows PHP developers to debug their code in real-time
without needing an external IDE.

Version: 1.5.1; Trial: 30 day; Size: 1.4MB

Say goodbye to heavy IDEs

Codebug is a standalone application. You don’t need a memory-hog IDE anymore to debug your PHP code.

Quick variable inspector

Now it’s easier than ever to quickly inspect a variable. Just click on it and magic happens.


New interactive console & Watches

Codebug now includes a full featured interactive console and a watches list.


Use it with your favourite text editor.

Because of the new API protocol, anyone can easily create a plugin/addon for their favourite editor to work with Codebug.
Currently supported editors

Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Supported by version 2 and 3. More info.


This plugin was created by Robert Coleman.

You can find it here.


This plugin was created by Shane Dowling

You can find it here or here



This plugin was created by Edward Prendergast

You can find it here

Wait, there’s more…

One line of code

It’s very easy to use, out of the box all you need to do is to type “xdebug_break();” in your PHP code and you are set.


Even though you don’t have to, you can always pick up a file and select it manually which parts of your code you want Codebug to stop.

Path Mapping

Map your remote folders against local folder. You just need to map your local and remote folders, and Codebug will automatically do the rest for you.


Select from a set of 12 beautiful pre-defined themes which one fits you best. You can also select your favourite font and size.

Edit in place

With Codebug you can change your variables in real time, this way you can test different case scenarios without actually change one line of code.

File Search

Search for files quick and easyly


You get access to a full documentation page that will help throughout the whole usage process. If you run into trouble you can always contact us.

Automatic Updates

Get automatic update notifications in the comfort of your app.

Retina ready

100% Retina ready, Codebug will make your mac shine

Works awesome with these frameworks